Rosalind Gabriel

With over 33 years of experience, innovation and expertise in producing Children’s Carnival Costumes and Bands, Rosalind Gabriel has proven her talents as a significant and prolific female Band Leader and has indelibly woven her name and style into the fabric and history of Children’s carnival.

The Mighty Sparrow

Mighty Sparrow or Birdie (born Slinger Francisco, July 9, 1935, in Grand Roy, Grenada, West Indies) is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Known as the "Calypso King of the World," he is one of the most well-known and successful calypsonians. He has won Trinidad's Carnival Road March competition eight times and has been named "Calypso Monarch" eleven times.

Machel Montano

Machel Montano Born 24 November 1974,in Carenage Trinidad and Tobago his family moved to Siparia, South Trinidad, when he was very young. Machel attended Siparia Boys' R.C., then Presentation College, a prestigious secondary school in San Fernando, where he was in the choir led by Mrs. Cynthia Lee-Mack. Machel first shot to fame as a 9-year-old boy with the song "Too Young To Soca" while he was still in primary school. In 1984, along with his older brother Marcus and neighbours, the group Pranasonic Express was started and, in 1989, the band became Xtatik

Señor Gomez

Narcenio Gomez better known as Señor Gomez, is one of the leading wire benders (sculptors) in Trinidad and Tobago. He has been designing, bending wire and making costumes for over 50 years. Mr Gomez shares his experiences with us.
Born on Coffee Street, the heart of San Fernando, Stalin still resides there, but is among the more predictable members of Port of Spains’ Mas Camp Pub audience on any Wednesday night or, for that matter, wherever collegues of substance are singing.

George Aldwin Bailey

George Aldwin Bailey was born on May 6th, 1935 at #15 Buller Street, Woodbrook where he spent his life. He represented Trinidad and Tobago on the National Basketball squad on numerous occasions. He was also an accomplished artist in drawing, painting and among his tutors was Mr. M.P. Alladin, a former Director of Culture.

Ras Shorty

One of the legends in calypso and soca, Ras Shorty I, died earlier this summer after a lengthy illness.  He was a marvelously creative, a totally unique person in the history of Trinidad music, and one whose career deserves much further study and whose music should continue to be heard.

Calypso Rose

Calypso Rose, real name MacArtha Lewis.  For five years Rose outclassed the competition to win the national "Calypso Queen" title in Trinidad and Tobago.  As a woman in a male arena, she challenged the world with her music.  Having shared her enormous talent with audiences all over the world, Calypso Rose is the premier ambassador of Caribbean music. Rose began her illustrious career at the age of 15 in the village of Bethel on the beautiful Caribbean island of Tobago.

The Mighty Shadow

Winston Bailey (born October 4, 1941), better known by his stage name The Mighty Shadow or Shadow, was born in Belmont, Port of Spain in Trinidad, but grew up in Les Coteaux, Tobago with his grandparents. He began to sing at a very early age and he wanted to be a singer although his grandfather told him he must be a lawyer.
He's written most of Sparrow's calypsoes of the 1970s and 1980s, including, "Rope", "Capitalism Gone Mad", "Phillip My Dear", "Saltfish", "Marajhin", "Survival" (which won Sparrow's last crown), and about another 50 or 60. Devine has also written for Baron ("Feeling It", "Jammer" and many other hits). Indeed, the list, longer than his memory, includes Poser, Blakie, Natasha Wilson, Explainer, Sugar Aloe.

Leston Paul

Leston Paul…began his musical journey from the age of eight as a drummer and percussionist. He then thought himself to play the piano and eventually took music theory and practice with Trinity Music under Mrs. E. Blake.

Brother Valentino

Emorold Anthony Phillip was born on the 7th of July 1941 in a little place called Cherry Hill in Grenada. He came to Trinidad at the age of five, on a Carnival Monday. Philip lived at Long Circular Road, Bel Vue in the capital city of Port of Spain. He attend the Mucurapo Boys RC primary school and later spent one term / semester at a private secondary school before his father died and he was unable to continue paying the tuition.

Holly Betaudier

DATE OF BIRTH: January 27, 1925 PLACE OF BIRTH: Santa Rosa, Trinidad Holly B - as he is popularity known - was the original host of Scouting for Talent on the state media - Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT), He has also been a great lover of Parang had developed special parang shows as part of the regular programming at TTT during the Christmas season as both producer and presenter.

Destra Garcia

The eldest of four siblings, Destra was raised in the community of Desperlie Crescent, Laventille in eastern Port of Spain, and attended Woodbrook Government Secondary School and St James Secondary School where she discovered her passion for singing and music. She not only won her school's Calypso Monarch title for five consecutive years, she composed every one of her songs.

Hazel Ward Redman

Hazel Ward Redman (née Wilson) is a Trinidad and Tobago television personality.

Felix Edinborough

Don’t let the resemblance to a court jester fool you. The Pierrot Grenade, one of the more popular traditional characters of Trinidad and Tobago, is a clever wordsmith who thrills with his ability to twist one word into a whole story.

Wayne Berkeley

Born in Belmont, Trinidad in 1940, Berkeley's natural talent was evident early on in his life. His prodigious talents flourished under the nurturing guidance of his mother and aunt, who were both renowned floral arrangers, artists and decorators. Berkeley further developed his skills under the tutelage of one of Trinidad's distinguished artists, Mahmoud Pharouk Alladin.

The Mighty Duke

Kelvin Pope, the Mighty Duke, is the only person in the history of Trinidad and Tobago calypso to ever win the calypso monarch title four consecutive times. No one has ever seriously challenged his calypso records.

All Rounder

ALL ROUNDER’S historical career started at ten to ten on the 6th of January 1967 when he performed one of his many hits entitled “My Littler Brother Charlie” composed by his wife, who I must mention decided that his calypso sobriquet be “ALL ROUNDER” for the mere reason that he could have been seen and heard “ALL AROUND”.  All Rounder, real name, Anthony Hendrickson was born on October 17, 1939.

Stephen Lee Heung

The five-time Band of the Year winner has been out of the Carnival fray for quite some time, having suffered a stroke 12 years ago while on his way to Houston via Miami for a family gathering.