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It was “BIOS BATAILLE”, stick fight on Duke Street, Port –of-Spain. The Boismen and masqueraders came out from the areas around Port-of-Spain singing their defiance in their warrior chants, their lavways. It was this day that was to decide the future of Mas.It was a day of Bois, bottles and stones and the expression of a people’s desire to exercise their rights to a cultural space .They had been violently uprooted from their homeland in Africa.


Enslaved in this new Land, their freedom had finally been won in 1838.The Camboulay celebrated that freedom, in remembered masking traditions, cultural retention and creativity engendered by their recent history. In February of 1881 the people faced the might of the colonial powers represented by the police under Captain Baker.


That day represented a great victory for the people.


Over the past few years, the Regional Carnival Committee of the National Carnival Com mission has been celebrating this important occasion. At first, the effort was a small one .It has been pioneered by cultural reasearcher, Honouray Distinguished Fellow John Cupid, with the support of culture bearers Mr.Norvan Fullerton, Head of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Programme along with Mr. Tony Hall, actor, playwright and director.


Poet Laureate and playwright Entiou Springer has now formally scripted this historic occasion. The re-enactment on Carnival Friday has now become one of the most significant occasions on the Regional Carnival Committee’s calendar of annual events. It is also assuming great importance in the entire Carnival celebrations.


The enactment takes place at D Piccadilly Greens between Prince and Duke Street, 5am, that magical time just before the break of dawn.


This year’s enactment was another success as more and more people come out to participate in this event.