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Bats sometimes play with clown bands, sometimes as bat bands, and sometimes as individuals.

The typical bat costume is normally black or brown and fitted tightly over the masquerader's body. Claws are sometimes attached to the shoes. The bat headpiece covers the masquerade's head completely.The masquerader sees through an opening in the headpiece where the mouth is located. The bat wings are made from wire and cane and may be covered with nylon or cotton fabric or the same material as the skin fitted costume.The wings may be as large as twelve to fifteen feet.The player of this character crawls, glides, flaps his wings and dances on his toes. He also folds and unfolds his wings and generally tries to imitate the exact movements of the bat.

Greetings, friends.

It is the distinct pleasure of the Board of Commissioners to welcome you to our official website; your portal into the dynamic and expressive world that is all things Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

Without a doubt, Carnival remains one of our nation’s greatest gifts, not only to ourselves, but to the entire world as, year after year, various artistic and cultural segments, stakeholders, and the national community work in harmony to stage this, the Greatest Show on Earth. 


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