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Many books have been written about calypso. Most have focused on singers and musicians, the history and the social, cultural and political implications on society, however little or no publications address the music, how it is to be played and how calypso is performed. The Carnival institute will publish a book on the subject together with a CD and a supporting film.

Some of the topics this book will explore:

  • The changes and trends in the music from Loviey and Balasco to Defosto
  • The influence of Frankie Francis Art DeCoteau and Defosto etc. in how the music is written
  • Call and response, Sans Humanite style, single tone, double tone and the eight line stanza and four line chorus calypsos.
  • Cut time, triplets etc. in calypso
  • The role of the producers Cook, Henry de Fratus, Kenny Phillips etc. in shaping the music.
  • The roll of the Calypsonian – musician
  • Calypso musicians.
  • The roll of the Orphanage.

Ronnie Joseph who is currently working on this project has a long history in Calypso and Calypso music. He was the manager of the Southern Brigade Calypso Tent, produced Calypso under the Trees at the Hotel Normandie. He currently produces and manages and is a player in the band of Vintage Calypso Brigade.

Greetings, friends.

It is the distinct pleasure of the Board of Commissioners to welcome you to our official website; your portal into the dynamic and expressive world that is all things Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

Without a doubt, Carnival remains one of our nation’s greatest gifts, not only to ourselves, but to the entire world as, year after year, various artistic and cultural segments, stakeholders, and the national community work in harmony to stage this, the Greatest Show on Earth. 


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