Welcome to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

Strategy & Business Development

Dr. Mareba Scott, Manager

The Strategy & Business Development department strives to be the foundation of Carnival industry development, providing strategic direction and policy advice through innovation and business facilitation. The department also supports the development and distribution of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival products across multiple markets, throughout the year, by providing pertinent industry data, policy guidelines and advice to all stakeholders.

The Department’s responsibilities include:

  • Collect relevant socio-economic data on key indicators
  • Provide information to guide opportunities, strategic priorities, plans and performance metrics
  • Communicate strategic options and priorities to CEO, Board of Commissioners and Line Ministry
  • Develop policies for Carnival promotion, commercial and social areas of focus
  • Develop revenue generating and culture preservation business areas
  • Assist in the location of funding sources to support the development of the NCC, SIG's and Carnival products
  • Conduct in-house training and promote the development of an environment conducive to brainstorming and the generation of ideas in support of the growth of Carnival and related products.
  • Act in close liaison and coordination with other Government Ministries and departments involved in developing related local industries( e.g. leisure and tourism)
  • Provide regular bulletins to inform and update the Commission and its stakeholders
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop procedures and policies and memoranda of understanding to facilitate improved collaboration and increased ease of business by removing barriers and constraints

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