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North & East Zone Results

North Zone:
5220...T&T Defence Force Steel Orchestra
5234...D Original Woodbrook Modernaires
5248...Gonzales Sheikers
5256...City Sun Valley
5270...Carib Woodbrook Playboyz
5298...Scrunters Pan Groove
5310...Belmont Hi Larks.

East Zone:
4839...The Graduates

4849...Pan Steronettes

4855 Chord Masters

4867...Trinidad East Side Symphony

4909...NLCB San Juan East Side Symphony

4919...L H Pan Groove

South/Central Region stages its National Preliminaries (Conventional) at Skinner Park

San City Steel Symphony will be the first band on stage when Pan Trinbago South/Central Region stages its National Preliminaries (Conventional) at Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Friday 22 January 2010, from 8:00 pm.

Nineteen (19) bands comprising Small and Medium Conventional Steel Orchestras will face the adjudication panel in an event that is being billed "Friday Nite Pan Sizzle". Admission is $60.

In the Small Band category (no more than 50 players in the preliminary stage but with 60 players in the semi-final and final stages), fourteen (14) bands will perform calypsoes ranging from Maestro's (Cecil Hume) "Fiery" to Mark Loquan/Ken Professor Philmore's "Surrender" and "Smooth Sailing" by Winston Scarborough aka De Original Defosto Himself.

Results of, South/Central National Single Pan Bands Semi Finals.

Four (4) steel bands in the South/Central region have advanced to the National Single Pan Bands Semi Finals.

The bands are Self Help Marines, Rio Claro Koskeros, Shades In Steel and Fyzabad 4th Dimension.

Self Help Marines of Point Fortin performing at position ten (10) played a Jason Baptiste arrangement of Denyse Plummer's "Nah Leaving".

Ten (10) bands faced the adjudicators on Sunday evening in an event billed Pleasantville Scrimmage at the Pleasantville Community Centre, San Fernando.

At the end of the exercise, the results were:-

1. Self Help Marines Nah Leaving- Denyse Plummer255

2. Rio Claro Koskeros Trini- Benjai 252

3. Shades in Steel Do Something For Pan- Sache' Alexander251

4. Fyzabad 4th Dimension Trini-Benjai 236

5. New Age Trendsetter Mas In May - Kitchener 230

6. Highlighters Trini-Benjai 229

7. La Romaine Super Vibes Rewind – Destra 220

8. St. Thomas Silver Stars Drunk & Disorderly – The Mighty Sparrow199

9. Jah Roots Tell No Lies- Faye Ann 191

The South bands join their other regional counterparts in a playoff on Saturday 26 February 2011 at Victoria Square, Port of Spain from 6:00 pm. Admission is $60.

Results of, North Single Pan Preliminaries

Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra and Scrunters Pan Groove tied for top spot at last Saturday's North Single Pan Preliminaries at Victoria Square, Port of Spain.

Playing at positions 11 and 27 respectively, both bands emerged with 267 points each to secure a place in the National Semi Finals at the same venue on Saturday 26th February 2011.

Also making the cut was the Trinidad & Tobago Fire Services Steel Orchestra. The Morvant based band secured 257 points.

Twenty eight (28) steel bands were judged on Arrangement (40), General Performance (40), Tone (40) and Rhythm (10) making a total of 100 points.

From the above, fourteen (14) steelbands will advance to semi final stage.

The North bands proceeding to the Semi Final round are:-

1. Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force Battle Zone – Anslem Douglas 267

1. Scrunters Pan Groove I Don't Mind- Winston So So 267

3. La Creole Pan Groove The Hammer- David Rudder 258

4. T&T Fire Services I Don't Mind – Winston So So 257

5. Carib Woodbrook Playboyz Coming Again- Machel 256

6. All Aces Steel Orchestra Fire Down Below-Ann Marie Inniss 253

6. Worldwide Steel Orchestra Trini – Benjai 253

8. Harlem Syncopators Trini-Benjai 252

9. Belmont Hi Larks Percy- Crazy 249

10. Brimblers Don't Stop The Party- Swallow 248

11. Gonzales Sheikers Somebody – Baron 246

12. Nostrand Symphony The Bees Melody – Kitchener 245

13. La Famille UTD Steel Orchestra Fire In The Back Seat – Swallow 242

14. Power Boats Scorpion Pan Reflection Showtime –Anslem Douglas 241

15 City Sun Valley Pan Groove Unknown Band- Superblue 239

16. Ice Water Pan Ensemble Percy – Crazy 234

16 Caribbean Paradise And Iz That – JW & Blaze 234

18. St. James Tripolians How We Coming –Eunice Peters 233

19. We Ting Get Up and Dance – Lennox Picou 231

19 Music Makers Rebecca - Superblue 231

21 Spree Simon Harmonic Trini -Benjai 230

22 Bar 22 De Will – Scrunter 229

23 D'Original Woodbrook Modernaires Coming Again - Machel 218

24. Nutting Big Pan Groove Bamboo Man – Designer/Debra Haynes 198

25. Free Lancers Pan Groove Fire Down Below –Ann Marie Inniss 194

26 Nayal Hill S.O.M. Steel Orchestra Dorothy –Devon Matthews 192

27 Belmont City Kids International Wave and Wine –Edwin Browne 162

28 D' Untouchables Pan Groove Percy –Crazy 160

All in all, 32 bands will proceed to the National Semi Finals on Saturday February 26, 2011 at Victoria Square, Port of Spain. Competition starts at 6:00pm. Admission is $60.

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