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Pan Trinbago Regional Elections - Results 2018

Desiree Myers (North), Anthony Walker (East), Phillip Barker (South/Central) and Salisha James (Tobago) will preside over their respective regions for the next three (3) years.

The election of officers in all regions took place on Thursday 29 November 2018 at venues in the respective regions as outlined in Pan Trinbago’s constitution.

The officers who will comprise the various regional executive committees are as follows:-

Chair Desiree Myers 44 Chair Phillip Barker 30
Vice-Chair Earl Morris 37 Vice-Chair David Balbosa 25
Secretary Robert Hernandez 44 Secretary Reza Baptiste 27
Asst. Sec. Josanne Antrobus Unopposed Asst. Sec. Richard Gill Unopposed
Treasurer Kenneth Kerr 42 Treasurer Carolyn Callendar Unopposed
Trustee John Douglas 30 Trustee Aleah De La Rosa 22
Trustee Martin Cain 41 Trustee Rawle Knights 19
Chair Anthony Walker 54 Chair Salisha James Unopposed
Vice-Chair Cheo Cato 41 Vice-Chair Brian Thomas Unopposed
Secretary Natalie Peters 50 Secretary Lumina Woods Ollivierre Unopposed
Asst. Sec. Josanne Antrobus Unopposed Asst. Sec. Patrick Clarke 19
Treasurer Shivorne Mitchell Unopposed Treasurer Sue-Ann Alfred Unopposed
Trustee Malcolm Gordon Unopposed Trustee Maurice Muir Unopposed
Trustee Jhovan Samuel Unopposed Trustee Keston Duke Unopposed

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