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NCC Junior Kings and Queens of Carnival 2018 - Finals

Below are the confirmed results for the Junior Kings and Queens Final 2018.

As a result of a system error, one of the competitors in the Junior Kings segment of the Junior Kings and Queens Finals Competition 2018 was inadvertently omitted from the Finals Results list. As such, only ten (10) of the eleven (11) entitled competitors were named.

The NCC was notified of the error and immediately reviewed the results. A revised list showing all eleven (11) competitors was duly published.

The NCC strives to ensure accuracy and fairness in generating such results and apologises unreservedly for any distress this may have caused to the competitor, whose name was erroneously excluded, and further, to the other competitors whose placings had to be amended as a result.

NCC Junior Kings of Carnival 2018 - Finals
No Reg No Competitor Portrayal Name Final Score
1. JK0010 Nikolai Jagdeo Explosion Of Our Cultures 413
2. JK0021 Samuel Jackson Mask Of The Namgis Thunderbird 406
3. JK0011 Justin Ramkalawan The Waters Of T And T 397
4. JK006 Mekhi Pascal Firebird - Where Fantasy Takes Flight 393
5. JK0019 Antonio Rampersad African Drum Dancer 391
6. JK0039 Malique Marshall "africa- Joy,strentgh + Royalty"
(a Tribute To Stephen Derek)
7. JK003 Keegan Farrell Bodaway - Fire Maker 387
8. JK0036 Aaron Herbert "spirit Of Charlotteville 379
9. JK0025 Jalen Pereira De Sting Is In De Tail 374
10. JK0012 Stephan Seupersad Odin - "d Chief Viking God" 371
11. JK0020 Merrick Barnes Conquest Of The Aztecs 356


NCC Junior Queens of Carnival 2018 - Finals
No Reg No Competitor Portrayal Name Final Score
1. JQ0017 Jermiah Walters Celebrations - Colours Of Our People 436
2. JQ0011 Ta'keyah Fletcher Arinna Sun Goddess 428
3. JQ0018 Priya Nagassar Oil Spill 413
4. JQ0036 Sherren Connor Mama Cerese 408
5. JQ0029 Jada Lyder-baptiste Face Of Trinidad And Tobago 399
6. JQ0043 Judah Williams Mystery Of Asa Wright 399
7. JQ0022 Zaria Grandison Dream Catchers Of The Mojave 394
8. JQ0019 Jade Edwards 'D Jewel Of The Canary Islands' 393
9. JQ0026 Natalia D'abreau Ebony And Ivory - My Tribute 389
10. JQ0030 Taraja Brown Baila! Baila! The Flamenco Dancer 388

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