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NLCB Northern Region J’Ouvert Bomb Competition Results 2018

Massy Trinidad All Stars won the NLCB Northern Region J’Ouvert Bomb competition on Carnival Monday morning at Victoria Square, Port of Spain.

The 2017 Panorama Champion (Large Band category) played “Theme from The Magnificent 7” to amass 184 points. They were followed by Nutrien Silver Stars (“Feel So Good”) and Desperadoes (“I Am Myself”) in second and third places respectively.

Sapophonics with their rendition of “I Am Myself” scored 171 points took the Single Pan title.  Uni Stars performed “What A Wonderful World” to secure 171 points with third placed Brimblers  scoring 168 points for their performance of “Close To You”.

For the purpose of the competition, steelbands were required to play non-calypso songs in calypso tempo.  Fifteen (15) steel orchestras paraded before the panel of judges which included Joslynne Sealey and Tommy Crichlow,

The complete list of winners are:-

Conventional Bands
Massy Trinidad All Stars 184
Nutrien Silver Stars 178
Desperadoes 173
Shell Invaders 171
Musical Gems 169
Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille 168
Blue Diamonds 164

Outside of The Region
First Citizens Supernovas
Republic Bank Exodus

Single Pan Bands
Sapophonics 171
Uni-Stars 169
Brimblers 168
Ice Water Ensemble 166
Belmont Hi Larks 157

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