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Pre-Qualification Notice - For The Provision Of Services

Invitation To Pre-Qualify Suppliers For The Provision Of Services To The National Carnival Commission Of Trinidad And Tobago Carnival 2023

The National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago (NCC) invites suitably qualified companies and individuals for the Pre-Qualification of the following services for Carnival 2023

Tender Number  Goods and Services 
NCC-RFP-23-001 Install and Dismantle Temporary Fencing, Aisles and Gates at QPS 
NCC-RFP-23-002 Provision of Tents at QPS and Other Venues
NCC-RFP-23-003 Provision of Chairs and Tables at QPS and Other Venues
NCC-RFP-23-004 Provision of Trailers and Portable Chemical Toilets at QPS and Other Venues
NCC-RFP-23-005 Provision of Ground Maintenance and Janitorial Services at the QPS
NCC-RFP-23-006 Provision of Ground Maintenance and Janitorial Services for Carnival Event Specific
NCC-RFP-23-007 Provision of Cleaning Services and Grounds Maintenance For Carnival Parade Route
NCC-RFP-23-008 Provision of Stage, Ramps, Decks and Watch Towers at the QPS and Other Venues
NCC-RFP-23-009 Provision of Stage, Ramps, Decks and Watch Towers at South Venue
NCC-RFP-23-010 Provision of Audio Visual Services at QPS
NCC-RFP-23-011 Provision of Audio Visual Services at South Venue
NCC-RFP-23-012 Construction of Artiste Dressing Rooms at QPS
NCC-RFP-23-013 Construction of Artiste Dressing Rooms at South Venue
NCC-RFP-23-014 Erection and Dismantling of Downtown Stand
NCC-RFP-23-015 Erection, Repairs and Dismantling of North Stand
NCC-RFP-23-016 Construction and Dismantling of Temporary Structure at Piccadilly Greens
NCC-RFP-23-017 Provision of Stage Lighting Services at the QPS
NCC-RFP-23-018 Provision of Stage Lighting Services at South Venue
NCC-RFP-23-019 Provision of Sound and PA Services at the QPS
NCC-RFP-23-020 Provision of Sound and PA Services at South Venue
NCC-RFP-23-021 Provision of Armed, Unarmed and Canine Security Services
NCC-RFP-24-022 Provision of Stage and Roof Structures at QPS


  1. A complete set of documents for these projects and services can be purchased by making a non-refundable deposit of One Thousand Dollars (TT$1,000.00) for each intended line of work or service, to NCC's Operating Account #1245183, at any First Citizens branch. Packages can also be paid for IN CASH at the NCC Head Office, # 11 St. Clair Avenue, St. Clair, Port-of-Spain.

    AFTER payment has been made the package can be collected at NCC's Head Office, or submitted electronically, by request, from Wednesday, 26th October, 2022 – Wednesday, 9th November, 2022 (excluding weekends and public holidays), between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm. Proof of purchase must be provided (stamped deposit receipt from the bank). The deadline for receipt or collection of pre-qualification documents is Wednesday, 9th November, 2022. Documents will not be available for collection after this date.

  2. The required documents to be submitted can include but not limited to the following:
  • Certificate of Registration, Incorporation, and Continuance, Annual Return
  • Statutory Requirements i.e. valid VAT and NIS Certificates
  • Biography of Tenderer including company background
  • Organizational Chart of all personnel to be involved in contract 
  • Curriculum Vitae of key personnel
  • Names and contact information of three (3) references
  • Insurance Certificates

Applicants shall be pre-qualified into various value-categories, where applicable, based on the type of services above, in accordance with the following values:

  • Category 1 - Small - 0 to 150,000 TTD
  • Category 2 - Medium - 150,001 TTD to 1,000,000 TTD
  • Category 3 - Large - Greater than 1,000,000 TTD


  1. Original submission and three (3) copies must be provided and clearly marked "ORIGINAL" and "COPY 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The submissions are to be enclosed in sealed envelopes and addressed to:

    Tenders Committee

    National Carnival Commission
    11 St Clair Avenue
    St Clair, Trinidad, W.I.
    REF Number
    RFP Title

    and deposited in the appropriate tender box located in the NCC Head Office's reception area at NCC, #11 St. Clair Avenue, Port of Spain between 9 am to 3 pm weekdays (excluding weekends and public holidays).

  2. CLOSING DATE for submission will be stipulated on the respective RFP.

  3. Proponent's company name, return address, email address, mobile number, relevant RFP Title and Identification Number must be clearly stated on all envelopes and documentation.

  4. Proposals received after the stipulated pre-qualification submission deadline will not be eligible for consideration and will be returned unopened.

  5. NCC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for failure to comply with any mandatory requirements in the package and to discontinue the Tender Process.

  6. Additional information may be requested through email forwarded to the attention of The Secretary, Tenders Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  7. The public opening for each proposal will be stipulated in the respective RFP document.