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NCC Announces Changes To The Nostalgia Parade 2018

Port of Spain, Trinidad, February 8, 2018: After careful deliberation and stakeholder talks, the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago (NCC) will incorporate this year’s annual Nostalgia Parade, carded for February 11, into its emergent Traditional Mas Parade, which takes place on Carnival Monday (February 12) at the Queen’s Park Savannah from 9 am to 1 pm.

The Traditional Mas Parade at the Queen’s Park Savannah, also called “D’ Real Mas”, will feature all the elements of the Nostalgia Parade which usually starts at Piccadilly Greens and proceeds to Adam Smith Square for judging.

According to NCC Executive Chairman, Colin Lucas, “With D’ Real Mas at the Savannah, we took the strategic decision to employ our resources more effectively in the creation of a dedicated space in the festival calendar for traditional mas.”

“We believe that this decision will benefit all stakeholders as it will expose wider audiences to the traditional masquerade, thereby offering greater opportunities to preserve and promote this invaluable aspect of our Carnival culture.”

Lucas continued, “While D’ Real Mas is not being judged, and the portrayals are purely for exhibition purposes, fans of the genre and the culture, come Monday morning, can fully expect to see the same levels of intensity and high quality mas that they have come to love and look forward to through the years,” Lucas said.

Tickets for Monday’s show are available at all NLCB VIA Outlets and at the Ticket Booth in the Queen’s Park Savannah.

North Stand tickets for the Traditional Parade are free, while tickets for the Grand Stand fall under the NCC’s Parade of the Bands ticket package, which includes admission for both days.

For more details, contact the NCC at 622-1670 or 622-1718 or visit them at their website ncctt.org, or on their official pages on Facebook and Instagram.


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