Welcome to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

Marketing and Sales

Devon Phillip, Marketing and Sales Manager

The Marketing and Sales Department aims to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, while meeting consumer changing preferences through relevant partnerships and promotion of high quality Carnival events. 

The Department’s primary functions include:

  • Planning and implementing integrated marketing strategies for commercially viable Carnival related products services and events of the Commission locally, regionally and internationally, with a view to generating commercial and social interest.
  • Partnering with other corporate entities in order to facilitate the development of the overall Carnival brand. We will do this by soliciting and coordinating sponsorship/branding arrangements with key stakeholders.
  • Developing partnership/relationships with international Carnival Bodies with a view to seeking cost effective promotional opportunities in other countries.
  • Overseeing the promotion and rental of the Queen’s Park Savannah (QPS) facilities and materials as one of NCC's income streams, we offer competitive rates while ensuring client satisfaction at all times.
  • Research, negotiate and manage media and streaming rights for local, regional and international coverage of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival events under the auspices of the NCC/SIGs.
  • Managing hospitality services for VIPs for Carnival events held under the auspices of the NCC/SIGs

Research into creating Carnival products that are marketable globally.