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The Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival Institute of Trinidad & Tobago (CITT)

Created in 1999, CITT’s mandate is (1) to collect artifacts and information about Carnival and other T&T festivals and (2) to educate the public about these. As a research and educational institute, CITT also has an archiving function: to store, preserve, classify and make easily retrievable the information and artifacts collected.

The role and function of CITT must be realised within the wider context of the decline of Carnival, however. The collection, storing and dissemination of knowledge must be given direction by the social, economic and cultural context in which it is taking place. And although the decline of Carnival has arisen out of deep and irreversible national and international changes in economy, society and culture, and there is no going back to the glory days of the 1960s Carnival, nevertheless decline can be slowed or channelled into new reinterpretations.

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Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago (CITT)
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