Welcome to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago

Functions of the N.C.C.

  1. the regulation, co-ordination or conduct of all Carnival activities throughout the country held under the aegis of the Government
  2. the development, maintenance and review of rules, regulations and carnival festivities throughout the country
  3. the identification , evaluation and promotion of all Carnival related industries with a view, to the enhancing and marketing of their cultural products and services; and
  4. the development and implementation of a marketing strategy for Carnival with a view to optimizing the revenue earning potential of the festival and its contribution to the national economy, considering:-
    1. the unexplored potential of Carnival;
    2. the possibility of marketing of carnival products and activities in domestic and export markets;
    3. the contribution by the private sector to the funding of specific aspects of Carnival; and
    4. the establishment of closer promotional links between the tourist industry and the carnival industry.