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Traditional Mas Characters - Devils and Jab Jab


There are several quite different varieties of Devils in the Carnival.  They are nearly always called “Jabs”. Jab is the French patois for “Diable” (Devil), and Molassie is the French patois for “Mélasse” (Molasses).


Jab Jab

The name of this mas is derived from the French patois for "Diable Diable". The costume consists of a “Kandal” or satin knickers, and satin shirt with points of cloth at the waist, from which bells hang. On the chest, there is a shaped cloth panel which is decorated with swans down, rhinestones and mirrors. Stockings and alpagatas are worn on the feet, while the headdress consists of a hood with stuffed cloth horns. The costume can come in alternating colours and be divided into front and back panels. The Jab Jab has a thick whip of plaited hemp which he swings and cracks threateningly. These whips can reduce the costumes of other Jab Jabs to threads.