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Traditional Mas Characters - Dragon

(Photo courtesy Abigail Hadeed, Caribbean Beat Magazine, http://caribbean-beat.com/issue-107/past-masters-mas#axzz3h6SuvXZa)

Besides being the source of inspiration for the Lovelace well-known novel, the Dragon Mas draws its origins from traditional Jab Jab or Devil Mas. While sometimes referred to as King Beast, the Dragon is a metaphorical representation of the forces of nature; a fiery beast from hell, that comes to bring destruction to all. Sometimes, the Dragon is restrained by chains held by imps.

As the story goes, the Dragon cannot cross water (holy water) to continue his path of destruction. His frustrations come across as a dance while the Imps, led by the King Imp, continue to tease and restrain him. The dance is one of the most beloved masques in traditional carnival celebrations.

The costume is straightforward with scales, a dragon head with a movable tongue, large elaborate wire-framed wings and a long scaled tail.