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Carnival Business Links Volume 2 Issue 3 August 2016

Carnival 2016 Visitors Decline

Trinidad and Tobago experienced an estimated 8.1% decline in tourist arrivals during the 2016 Carnival period when compared with 2015. The Carnival period is defined as the 19-day period before Ash Wednesday.

This year, that 19-day period began from January 22 and ended on February 9. Carnival 2016 tourist arrivals stood at 35,483 for Trinidad and Tobago.

Tourist arrivals in 2015 amounted to 38,625. Average length of stay decreased from 14 days in 2015 to 13 days in 2016. There was also a decrease in average visitor expenditure from TT$9,869 in 2015 to TT$9,567.

Data Source: Central Statistical Office (CSO)

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