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Esther Theodore Watson 1932-2021

Today we wish to send condolences to the family of our first Queen of Carnival Bands 1959, Mrs. Esther Theodore Watson.The year 1959 saw a huge transformation in the beauty segment of the Dimanche Gras Competition.

The Jaycees Queen Competition was no longer held as part of the competition in the Queens Park Savannah and a new competition had emerged, the Queen of Carnival Bands Competition.

The contestants came from several mas bands within the country but none compared to the winner Esther Theodore. This Carnival queen who hailed from the southern part of Trinidad - San Fernando to be precise, portrayed the “Empress Alexandra” and was a proud member of Clemmie George’s Band.

Subsequently, In 1962 Esther won the title again this time with the portrayal “Cleopatra” from Mack Copeland’s Band which had also won the South band of the year title. Esther went on to represent the nation as an ambassador on a tour to New York.

This was the first time Carnival was introduced to New York and her aim was to sell Carnival as a tourist attraction. Esther Theodore Watson will be remembered fondly by the Carnival industry. We are forever thankful for her work in promoting our culture to the world.

Images courtesy the Watson family.